ELMO OX-1 Visualizer

ELMO OX-1 Visualizer

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  • Résolution Full HD (1920 x 1080 pixels)
  • Capteur CMOS de 8 mégapixels
  • Zoom numérique x8
  • Connexion USB 2.0
  • Logiciels Image Mate et Elmo Interactive Toolbox
  • Lampe et microphone intégrés
  • Surface de capture : format A3.
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    The simplest and most economical school viewer in the ELMO range

    The ELMO OX-1 viewer offers educational establishments an observation tool with advanced optical quality while remaining a very economical solution.

    With this document viewer, the least expensive in the ELMO range, take advantage of its ease of use, its technical performance and its functionalities necessary for the main uses in class:

    • 8 megapixel CMOS sensor
    • 8x digital zoom
    • A3 shooting to view two pages of a manual
    • One-touch autofocus
    • USB connection
    • built-in microphone

    A document viewer quickly adopted by the class

    The OX-1 viewer is one of the simplest models from the ELMO brand. This simplicity guarantees the teacher easy and quick handling, but also intuitive use.

    Broadcast on your PC, the IWB or the class ENI by making very simple settings:

    • Adjust the articulated arm of the viewer to gain height or bring its camera closer to the object to be observed.
    • Connect the tool to your PC via a simple USB cable and with one click, focus: the filmed image is broadcast in 1080 pixels (at 30 frames per second).
    digital school interactive screen visualizer
    interactive digital visualizer school

    Essential features for simple classroom observation

    This small classroom observation tool, ideal for small budgets, has the following technical characteristics:

    • Image fluidity guaranteed by an image rate of 30fps (in 720px) and a 1/3.2'' CMOS sensor
    • The possibility of viewing both pages of an open manual, i.e. A3 format, thanks to a shooting area of ​​430mm x 322mm .
    • An image that can be enlarged using the software supplied with the viewer - ELMO Interactive Toolbox - using an x8 digital zoom .
    • LED lighting.
    • a built-in microphone

    Complete the OX-1 class viewer with accessories (optional)

    Its 5V DC power supply (via USB) means that this viewer can be used anywhere. Connect it to a PC so that it is self-powered (USB 2.0 connection). Although perfectly autonomous, the OX-1 viewer can be supplemented with accessories (not included) for specific uses:

    classroom visualizer

    The desk clamp: using it, attach the viewer securely to the edge of a table. Handle it whatever its position, its base will remain fixed and its stability guaranteed!

    digital school viewer

    The whiteboard board: on this erasable surface, write or draw live during your lesson.

    Technical Specifications


    • USB Connection : USB 2.0
    • Included Software : Image Mate 4 et Elmo Interactive Toolbox
    • Product Dimensions : Déplié : 108 x 317 x 375 mm ; Plié : 108 x 337 x 54 mm
    • Net Weight without Packaging : 630 g
    • Capture Surface : Format A3
    • Energy Consumption : 1.25W

    Technical Specifications

    • Camera Resolution : Full HD (1920 x 1080 pixels)
    • Focus : Autofocus
    • Digital Zoom : x8
    • Image Frequency : 30fps en 720px ; 15fps en 1080px
    • Aperture : F2.2
    • Capture Zone : A3

    Physical Characteristics

    • Sensor : CMOS 1/3.2" et 8 mégapixels (3264 x 2448)
    • LED Lamps : Oui
    • Integrated Microphone : Oui
    • Power Supply : via câble USB fourni (5V DC)
    • Included Accessories : Câble d'alimentation et de transfert (USB), manuel ; Disponibles en option : pince de bureau, surface tableau blanc
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