ELMO MO-2 Visualizer

ELMO MO-2 Visualizer

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  • Résolution Full HD (1920 x 1080 pixels)
  • Capteur CMOS 8 mégapixels
  • Zoom numérique x16
  • Connexion USB 2.0
  • Logiciels ELMO Interactive Toolbox / ELMO Play Apps
  • Lampe et microphone intégrés
  • Surface de capture : 439 x 329 mm
  • Batterie avec une autonomie de 3h40
  • Connexion sans fil aux écrans avec Miracast
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    The Android viewer with mirroring technology

    With its multiple ports, its battery and its Miracast technology, the ELMO MO-2 viewer is an autonomous visualization tool that adapts to all educational situations.

    • Excellent optical quality: x16 digital zoom, 8M pixel camera, 30 fps.
    • Multiple joints and a rotating head to observe any type of object in progress.
    • USB, HDMI, VGA, SD ports…
    • Miracast technology to wirelessly broadcast the image from the viewer to an external monitor (TBI, ENI, etc.).
    • A completely foldable model that can be transported from class to class.
    • Built-in WiFi.

    An ideal tool for science lessons

    The MO-2 viewer is perfect for filming your experiments and sharing them with your students on many possible media, saving your annotations and diagrams thanks to its SD card port.

    primary middle school document viewer

    A perfect visualization tool for classrooms

    The ELMO MO-2 viewer combines all the features necessary to visualize an object in class as accurately and precisely as possible:

    • Precisely position the camera head on the object to be viewed using its arm equipped with several joints. By itself rotating and pivoting, the camera head allows you to observe an object from many angles.
    • Its 8M pixel camera provides 1080p resolution images and smooth video with a frame rate of 30 frames per second.
    • Turn on the LED integrated into its head to provide additional brightness.
    • Zoom (16x digital zoom) and autofocus using the buttons located on the viewer base.

    A practical, standalone and flexible viewer for the classroom

    A foldable viewer

    The arm of the MO-2 viewer folds completely onto its base when folded to form a single unit that can be stored in the classroom or easily transported anywhere in the establishment.

    A standalone viewer

    The MO-2 viewer gives you great freedom of movement in the classroom thanks to its battery life of approximately 3 hours 40 minutes. Once charged, the viewer can operate without being plugged in.

    A class viewer with multiple ports

    The image filmed by the MO-2 viewer can be broadcast on many monitors (TBI, ENI, teacher's PC, etc.), but not only that. Thanks to its numerous ports, you can, in fact:

    • connect it to external monitors (HDMI IN and OUT, VGA and USB 2.0).
    • connect it to the internet (LAN).
    • save images captured and/or annotated in progress, but also open recorded images using an SD card slot.
    • connect a USB key or a mouse using the USB 2.0 port.
    • connect a microphone that gives you the ability to film an experience from the viewer and record your audio comments.
    elmo education visualizer
    school class document viewer

    A viewer with integrated Android

    The MO-2 viewer runs on Android. Connected to a PC, an IWB (in HDMI or VGA) or an interactive digital screen (in USB and HDMI), it provides you with some pre-installed applications:

    • an annotation application which allows you to annotate the image broadcast on the screen, the TBI, the ENI or the PC
    • a QR code reader
    • a whiteboard
    • a gallery to view captured or filmed images
    • a web browser
    • a timer
    • an app store: ELMO play

    Connect your viewer to a giant interactive digital screen

    Miracast technology for mirroring the viewer to a screen
    With Miracast technology installed on the integrated tablet, connect the MO-2 viewer wirelessly to a Miracast compatible screen to share your images with as many people as possible, just like on an ENI Speechi.

    Connect your viewer to an interactive digital screen while maintaining touch
    By connecting your viewer to the interactive digital screen with an HDMI cable and a USB cable, you will transfer the image captured by the MO-2 viewer to the screen while maintaining touch. From the giant interactive digital screen, you can annotate the image filmed by the viewer just like on its integrated tablet.

    eni interactive screen viewer

    Technical Specifications


    • USB Connection : USB 2.0 (type A & B)
    • Included Software : ELMO Interactive Toolbox / ELMO Play Apps
    • Product Dimensions : Déplié : 220 x 115 x 343 mm ; plié : 220 x 115 x 57 mm
    • Net Weight without Packaging : 950 g

    Technical Specifications

    • Camera Resolution : Full HD (1920 x 1080 pixels)
    • Focus : Autofocus
    • Digital Zoom : x16
    • Image Frequency : 30 fps en 1080p
    • Image Rotation : 90° / 180°
    • Battery Life : ~3h40
    • Capture Zone : 439 x 329 mm
    • WiFi : WiFi IEEE802.11 a/b/g/n, 2.4GHz/5GHz, Miracast (720p)

    Physical Characteristics

    • Sensor : CMOS de 1/3.2 pouces & 8M pixels (3280 x 2464)
    • LED Lamps : Oui
    • Integrated Microphone : Oui
    • USB/SD Card Reader : Oui
    • SD Card Port : Oui
    • Power Supply : via adaptateur secteur fournis (5V DC)
    • Included Accessories : Adaptateur secteur, manuel
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