Document Viewer SPE-VI-102 (13 megapixels)

Document Viewer SPE-VI-102 (13 megapixels)

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  • Résolution Full HD
  • Capteur de 13 mégapixels
  • Zoom numérique x8
  • Connexion par USB ou par VGA
  • Logiciel Eye Present
  • Lampe et microphone intégrés
  • Surface de capture : A3 (420 x 297 mm)
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    The SPE-VI-102 viewer and its 13 megapixel resolution

    This viewer is made up of a camera to view the desired image, an LED lamp to increase the brightness, an integrated microphone and all on an articulated arm.

    Thus, by connecting your viewer to a computer, itself connected to an interactive video projector for example, the image you wish to view is visible to everyone on the projected surface.

    This viewer is equipped with a mechanical zoom (x2), which therefore allows an enlargement of an image multiplied by 18.

    The document viewer, the perfect complementary tool for the IWB and the interactive screen

    The Speechi document viewer will bring another dimension to your courses, to make them even more interactive. An object, a document or anything else to show to your audience?

    Simply place it under the camera and it will be projected on the screen. There is no need to scan your documents beforehand, which saves considerable time.

    school document viewer
    digital class document viewer

    The visualizer: very simple to use

    Small and light, you can take the Speechi VI 102 viewer with you when you travel. It connects in seconds, either to your computer or directly to a video projector. The viewer's functionalities are accessible directly on the stand (in addition to the software) for perfectly mobile use.

    The software included with Speechi document viewers is Eye Present. It only offers you the functions actually used. Beyond simple image distribution, you can scan, annotate your content, rotate the image, record videos, have access to a whiteboard, etc.

    Technical Specifications


    • Included Software : Eye Present
    • Compatible Operating Systems : Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 et MAC OS
    • Capture Surface : A3 (420 x 297 mm)

    Technical Specifications

    • Camera Resolution : Full HD
    • Focus : Autofocus
    • Mechanical Zoom : x2
    • Digital Zoom : x8
    • Camera Mode : oui
    • Image Rotation : oui

    Physical Characteristics

    • Sensor : CCIM Sony de 13 mégapixels
    • LED Lamps : Intégrée
    • Integrated Microphone : oui
    • SD Card Port : Oui
    • Video Output : VGA out x 1, HDMI out x 1, micro USB x 1
    • Power Supply : DC 5V
    • Included Accessories : Télécommande et 2 piles AA, adaptateurs microscope, feuille anti-reflets, CD, câbles HDMI, VGA, USB et d'alimentation
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