Speechi fixed touch interactive whiteboard, 10 touch points 83"

Speechi fixed touch interactive whiteboard, 10 touch points 83"

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  • Le Tableau Blanc Interactif Speechi fixe 83", dont la surface effaçable est utilisable avec des feutres, a été conçu de façon à être le plus efficace et le plus intuitif possible pour une utilisation en classe ou en entreprise, avec un vidéoprojecteur non interactif.

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    A Multitouch interactive whiteboard

    The TBI Speechi 83", made tactile with the finger and the stylus thanks to infrared sensors inserted around the edge of the board, allows several users to operate simultaneously on the board by supporting up to 10 touch points.

    For turnkey use, get this interactive whiteboard with the most suitable video projector.

    Complete TBI software

    The Speechi 83" interactive whiteboard is provided with the TBI software which includes a set of useful features to animate and enrich a course or presentation: annotation, handwriting recognition, creation or insertion of figures, import of multimedia documents, creation slides...

    Accessories to complete your IWB

    The Speechi interactive whiteboard has the advantage of being able to be supplemented by a series of very useful and practical accessories: an electric support on wheels with an arm for attaching a video projector, speakers, an active pen tray, etc.

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