4K receiver for HDMI - Ethernet replication kit

4K receiver for HDMI - Ethernet replication kit

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  • Résolution 4K
  • Connexion Ethernet
  • 0 latence
  • Ajout libre de récepteurs en fonction du nombre d'écrans
  • Downloadable documentss

    4K receiver, accessory for HDMI replication kit - Ethernet version - on interactive screen

    Add additional 4K receivers to your initial HDMI replication kit to replicate content from your PC or interactive display to as many screens as you have receivers.

    • Simple pairing and installation.
    • Immediate image transmission, without latency and high quality.
    • Additional receivers sold individually to replicate a screen on several other screens (Split mode).
    • Compatible with all SpeechiTouch screens.

    This receiver is compatible with the HDMI Ethernet Replication Kit.

    To complete your HDMI WiFi replication kit, consult the compatible receiver model.

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