Luminous Robots

Luminous Robots

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Easy level - from 6-7 years old

Get started with programming and robotics whatever your experience level with the luminous robot kit!

We give you two models (the light tower and the sound and light robot), it's up to you to imagine lots of others, like a flashlight or even a fighter plane!

Light effects

A buzzer to make your robot play notes, sensors so it reacts to sound, touch and brightness are the essential components of this robotic kit. Download the building instructions and programming files for the light tower and sound and light robot in the "Robot Models" section to get started, then invent your own light shows and melodies!

Take your first steps in programming

Thanks to the programming environments, Icon Programming and Scratch for Studuino, give your instructions to your robot by programming the Studuino card.

Once you're familiar with the components and software, get started on your own creations and program them!

If you can't install software, but you have an internet connection, program them online in Scratch 3.0 with ByteCode for Studuino.

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