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Difficult level - from 8-9 years old*

Discover robotics and programming with the Elementary Robots kit. Assemble the 150 pieces as you wish and have fun with your creation!

Find our free downloadable assembly instructions to build 5 robot models in the “Robot models” section.

*This age is given for information purposes only. The robots in this kit can be made by younger children if they are helped by a parent.

The kit to discover robotics

The Elementary Robots robotics kit is ideal for discovering robotics and experimenting with several types of sensors, whether it is the infrared sensor, the sound sensor, the light sensor, the touch sensor or the accelerometer. With its 2 DC motors, 3 servomotors, sensors and 4 LEDs, explore all the capabilities that you can equip your robot with.

5 robot models to create and many others to invent

Line tracking robot, conveyor, remote controlled, crane car or even the doggy robot. Have fun building these 5 robot models and programming them.

Then free yourself from these models to create your own robot by assembling and programming the different elements of the robotic kit as you wish.

Program your robot with Studuino and its programming software

The Studuino card is a small computer that you program using software to give instructions to your robot. 3 levels of software are offered to you: Programming by icons for complete beginners, Scratch for beginners and Arduino IDE for experts.

These robots can be programmed on a very wide choice of media and operating systems, whether you are on a computer (Windows, Mac, Chrome, Linux), on an Android/iPad tablet or smartphone/iPhone! If you don't want to install software, code your robots online from ByteCode for Studuino .

To take your first steps in robotics and programming, start by assembling our robot models and observing their program!

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