Smart Car Robot - an educational Robot to program

Smart Car Robot - an educational Robot to program

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Intermediate level - from 7-8 years old*

This robotics kit brings together all the elements to allow you to design intelligent cars and learn programming!

*This age is given for information purposes only. The robots in this kit can be made by younger children if they are helped by a parent.

A robotics kit to create the cars of the future

With this robotics kit, arrange all the necessary parts to turn your robots into smart cars. Have them follow marked routes and have them spot obstacles so they can avoid them using tactile sensors and infrared sensors.

Learn programming while having fun

3 models of smart cars are available to you: the transporter/conveyor robot, the line tracking robot and the Turn robot. To operate your smart cars, it is not enough to assemble them, you will have to program a card which will transmit the instructions to your robot using programming software. Take your first steps in programming with our Icon Programming and Scratch software for Studuino.

To help you, download the assembly instructions and programming files in the "Robot models" section.

As soon as you have mastered this software and understood how the different elements of your robot work, program your own creations!

From computer to smartphone!

No matter where you are or what platform you have, nothing will stop you from programming your robots! These robots can, in fact, be programmed on PCs as well as tablets and smartphones, whatever their operating system (Windows, Mac, Chrome, Android, iOS, Linux). If you can't install software, but you have an internet connection, program them online with ByteCode for Studuino .

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