Arduino National Education robotics kit - advanced edition

Arduino National Education robotics kit - advanced edition

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The Arduino National Education robotics kit - advanced edition is a turnkey educational kit to introduce students to programming and robotics, in accordance with school programs.

From primary school to high school, this kit allows you to build 24 robots inspired by everyday life: traffic lights, smart cars, video game controllers, industrial robots...and much more. Consult the advanced national education curriculum .

A robotics kit suitable for schools

The Arduino National Education robotics kit - advanced edition has been designed and designed to be handled repetitively by students. With this kit, no screws are needed, you just need to fit the elements together for quick and easy-to-assemble robots! The teacher can thus concentrate on the essential: teaching programming.

A complete open access course to learn to program with robots: 13 course manuals spread over 3 levels of progression

The National Education - advanced edition box is associated with a series of 13 manuals similarly organized around 4 lessons of 45 minutes (i.e. 52 lessons).

The themes covered by these manuals are varied:

  • programmed objects of everyday life: traffic lights, automatic door, game controllers, etc.
  • industrial machines and robots: forklift, robotic arm, etc.
  • smart cars
  • robotic walking: bipedal and quadrupedal walking

Consult the robotics curriculum manuals for National Education .

A programmable card in varied programming environments adapted to each level

The Arduino card for Studuino gives you great freedom in choosing the programming language and allows you to choose the language best suited to the level and age of the children:

  • Icon Programming designed for little ones allows you to approach coding by simply dragging and dropping icons into a linear script field,
  • Scratch for Studuino for children aged 9-14,
  • Arduino IDE (C language) for high school students,
  • Micro:bit (provided you purchase a Micro:bit expansion card )

All of the programming environments offered are open to access and free of charge .

PC or tablet, choose your medium to teach programming

The Studuino programming environment has been developed to adapt to the most commonly used tools and operating systems. Program our robots on PC (Windows, Mac, Chrome, Linux, Raspberry Pi) or on Android or iOS tablet. Also program the robots online, from a Chrome or Edge browser, with ByteCode for Studuino – an interesting alternative when you don't want to install software on a PC.

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