Educational kit: extension for ESPeRobo

Educational kit: extension for ESPeRobo

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The Algora robotics kit: extension for ESPeRobo is intended for all Algora programming schools that already have Studuino robotics kits. This conversion kit, which includes an ESPeRobo card, its extension and a battery, allows them to provide Python courses.

Note: the kit and the course are sold separately.


The Algora robotics kit: extension for ESPeRobo is composed of :

  • a programmable card equipped with an ESP32 processor, compatible with Windows/Mac/Android,
  • an extension to clip onto the card to program our robots,
  • of a battery.

The ESPeRobo programmable board has an LED display in addition to various integrated sensors: light sensor, accelerometer, gyroscope, compass. It also has a buzzer and two push buttons.

Two programming environments

The ESPeRobo card is programmed using the Studuino:bit software which offers the choice between two programming environments:

  • a version of Scratch 3.0 adapted to program the sensors and actuators of our robots,
  • a Python editor, a powerful programming language ideal for learning to write lines of code.

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