Algora educational kit - Puzzles, logic, vision in space

Algora educational kit - Puzzles, logic, vision in space

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The Algora - Puzzles educational kit is a kit offered to Algora programming schools to teach the "Logic puzzles" part of the 6-9 year old curriculum. Consult the Algora school’s 6-9 year old curriculum .


This fun and educational kit introduces children aged 6 to 9 to logic games and develops their vision in space using cubes, triangles and gears. The development of logical thinking involves doing.

The particular configuration of our cubes which have 15 openings multiplies the possibilities and fuels children's creativity, freer to express themselves than with a standard construction cube.

From the pieces of this kit, a wide variety of games can be imagined : balance games, reproduction of 3-dimensional figures, games reproducing a movement with gears, logic games based on colors...

The benefits of these educational games are numerous : mastery of perspective, understanding of figures, ability to make hypotheses or even the ability to project movements.

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