Google certified Android Box

Google certified Android Box

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  • Android 13 certifié Google EDLA
  • Android Box au format OPS
  • 8GB RAM, 128GB ROM
  • Processeur CPU 8 cœurs
  • UBS 3.0 x 3, USB-C x 1, RJ45, HDMI
  • Environnement Google complet et sécurisé
  • Help and warranty

  • Warranty : 1 an retour atelier
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    An even more powerful interactive Android screen with Google EDLA certification

    With the Android Box module, mark your interactive screen with Google EDLA certification to benefit from the entire Google environment without limits. You will also increase the Android power of the screen tenfold - with a certified Android 13 Box, and further enhance the interactive potential of your meetings, workshops, courses or training.

    Full access to the entire Google environment

    Google EDLA certification guarantees complete, official and secure access for users of the Google suite. You benefit from an interface enhanced by the integration of a boosted Android system covered by certification.

    Your Google apps

    As on your smartphones and tablets, you will find the basic Google applications: Playstore, Chrome, Search, Drive, Mail, etc. Go even further via the Playstore and download the apps you need.

    The Microsoft suite

    With the Android Box, you can also access the Microsoft suite and your usual compatible software for interactive screens, smartphones and tablets. Find your work on the Drive at any time.

    A rich and personalized Speechi interactive experience

    In addition to Google EDLA certification, experience intuitive, rich and personalized navigation by Speechi allowing you to interact simply and efficiently, and to enrich the possibilities thanks to all our available applications, in order to meet all your uses on screen interactive.

    Compatible with all our SpeechiTouch interactive screens

    Whatever screen range you choose, you can opt for an Android Box module. As all our interactive screens natively host an Android system (versions 11 to 13), the Android Box will increase the performance of your screen with an Android 13 core boosted and certified by Google with all its associated services.

    • The InfraRed range under the reference ST-xx-UHD-AND-K-007
    • The SuperGlass+ S range under the reference ST-xx-UHD-AND-HP-007-S
    • The SuperGlass 3 range under the reference ST-xx-UHD-AND-HP3 (not available with the 105'' screen)

    Simple and quick installation

    Insert the Android Box into the edge of the screen, this module is in OPS format and does not require any cables or other peripherals. Then follow the instructions to benefit from a complete experience as we have designed it for you (see our quick installation guide).

    Technical Specifications


    • Compatible Operating Systems : Android 13
    • RAM : 8 Go
    • Internal SSD/HDD ROM : 128 Go
    • CPU : A55 Quad core + A78 Quad core
    • Bluetooth : 5.2
    • WiFi : 6


    • HDMI Output : 1
    • HDMI Input : 1
    • Line Out : 1
    • Ethernet RJ45 Port : 1
    • USB 3.0 : 3
    • USB : 1
    • Microphone Input : 1
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