Speechi wireless microphone

Speechi wireless microphone

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  • Micro-cravate sans fil
  • Portée maximale 15mètres
  • 6 à 8h d'autonomie
  • Rechargeable
  • Facile à installer et utiliser
  • Downloadable documentss

    What is the Speechi wireless microphone used for?

    This wireless lavalier microphone allows the speaker to move around during their lesson or presentation (maximum range 15 meters). Very easy to install and use, rechargeable, it connects directly to the computer's microphone socket or to an amplifier.

    Rechargeable microphone transmitter on USB socket

    The Speechi mini wireless microphone charges quickly. In just 2 hours of charging, it is ready to be used between 6 and 8 hours!

    Recording or live streaming according to your needs

    Both uses are possible thanks to the Speechi microphone. Either you broadcast your voice live, or you record it to broadcast it afterwards or superimpose it on a presentation for example.

    Technical Specifications

    Speakers & Microphone

    • Total Power : Portée maximale 15m

    Technical Specifications

    • USB Connection : Oui
    • Battery Life : 6/8h
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