HDMI replication kit - WiFi - Transmitter + receiver pack

HDMI replication kit - WiFi - Transmitter + receiver pack

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  • Résolution 4K
  • Zéro latence
  • Multi-devices
  • Mode "split" pour diffuser sur plusieurs écrans
  • Mode "switch" pour diffuser depuis plusieurs sources
  • Help and warranty

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    HDMI Replication Kit for Interactive Display, 1 Transmitter + 1 Receiver with 4K Resolution, WiFi

    With this HDMI replication kit, broadcast content (images, videos, files, etc.) from your PC or interactive screen to other screens.

    • Simple pairing and installation.
    • Immediate image transmission, without latency and high quality.
    • Split mode: replicate a screen on one or more screens 1 .
    • A Switch mode: switch between the image of 2 transmitter screens on 1 receiver screen 2 .
    • A CMS to manage your equipment from a PC.
    • Compatible with all SpeechiTouch screens.

    This WiFi replication kit is also available in an Ethernet model.

    1 To broadcast on several screens, this mode requires several receivers (the receiver being available individually).

    2 This mode requires two transmitters.

    How to connect your HDMI OUT replication kit to your screens?

    Prior pairing between transmitter and receiver

    Before proceeding with replication, you must first pair the transmitter with the receiver(s). The procedure is simple.

    • Plug transmitter and receiver into a power outlet.
    • Connect an HDMI cable between the HDMI IN port on the transmitter and the HDMI OUT port on the receiver.
    • The STAB indicator on the receiver and the LiNK indicator on the transmitter will flash before turning solid.

    The devices are paired.

    Connecting the transmitter and receiver to your screens

    • Connect the transmitter to the screen whose content you wish to transmit by connecting the HDMI OUT port on the screen to the HDMI IN port on the transmitter.
    • Connect the receiver to the broadcast screen by connecting the HDMI OUT port of the receiver to the HDMI IN port of the screen. Repeat the operation on all your broadcast screens.

    A CMS to manage your equipment remotely

    The CMS (1) of the HDMI replication kit allows you to consult a certain amount of information about your equipment and to carry out certain actions.

    • View information about your transmitters and receivers, such as their firmware version, IP address, etc.
    • View the display broadcast by one of your receivers.
    • Rename your receivers to differentiate them from each other and identify their location.
    • Tag your devices to filter their appearance and better manage them.
    • Update their firmware.
    • Change the receivers channel when your equipment is set to Switch mode.
    • Set a wallpaper when the receiver is not in use.
    (1) CMS: Content Management System, in other words a content management system.

    Technical Specifications


    • Power Supply : DC 12V,1A

    Technical Specifications

    • CPU : 1GHz dual core SoC pour TX/TR
    • WiFi : 802.11ac 2T2R, max. bandwidth 866Mbps (5GHz)
    • Energy Consumption : 12W
    • Output Resolution : 4K@60hz in, 4K@30hz out

    Included Accessories

    • Included Accessories : 1 transmetteur, 1 récepteur, antennes, prise secteur, câble d'alimentation et QSG
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