Algora educational game to learn to code online (GoTechUp) + 1 Smart Car robotics kit (free competition)

Algora educational game to learn to code online (GoTechUp) + 1 Smart Car robotics kit (free competition)

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  • Apprends à coder en Scratch un robot sur la plateforme de jeu vidéo GoTechUp tout en t'amusant

    Profite de tes prochaines vacances pour découvrir la programmation en codant en Scratch ton 1er robot sur la plateforme GoTechUp. Pour pouvoir y jouer, tu auras besoin d’un PC et d’une bonne connexion internet. Ton objectif ? Programmer ton robot de façon à ce qu'il récupère le plus de potions d’énergie possible avant de traverser le portail pour passer au niveau suivant. En savoir plus.

    Âge minimum requis : 8 ans
    Classement PEGI [3] : ce jeu vidéo est adapté à tous les âges

    Code les voitures du futur avec ton kit robotique Voiture intelligente

    Ce kit robotique réunit tous les éléments pour te permettre de concevoir des voitures intelligentes et t'initier à la programmation !

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    An educational and fun platform for learning to program in Scratch

    When your registration for the video game platform is completed, you will receive an email telling you your username and password to connect to the platform and start playing. You will then have access to 10 lessons which take place in 10 different universes. You will be guided in carrying out each mission.

    A unique online game to learn how to program a robot

    This video game is not a programming game like any other! You will have to code the components of your robot to make it do what you want: its motors so that it moves forward, backward, turns and stops, its LEDs to activate the colored doors or even its buzzer to scare away the ghosts!

    From video games to educational robots

    A robotics kit to create the cars of the future

    With this robotics kit, arrange all the necessary parts to turn your robots into smart cars. Have them follow marked routes and have them spot obstacles so they can avoid them using tactile sensors and infrared sensors.

    Learn programming while having fun

    3 models of smart cars are available to you: the transporter robot, the line tracking robot and the pivoting robot. To make your smart cars work, you don't just have to assemble them, you will have to program a card that will transmit the instructions to your robot using programming software. Take your first steps in programming with our icon-based and Scratch programming software. Then get started in the sophisticated C/C++ programming language with Arduino IDE! You can even go even further, by programming your robots in Python, but this language is more intended for high school students and students since it is no longer about blocks to move but lines of code to write.

    From computer to smartphone!

    No matter where you are or what platform you have, nothing will stop you from programming your robots! Indeed, programming robots is possible on all platforms and all operating systems whether you are on computer, tablet, smartphone, Windows, Linux, Android and even iOS, thanks to the Studuino application for iOS, developed under the same model as Scratch and which allows programming on iPhone and iPad. To help you get started, download the assembly instructions and programming files from the site. As soon as you have mastered this software and understood how the different elements of your robot work, program your own creations!

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