Warranty: 3-year on-site extension for OPS Windows i5 & i7

Warranty: 3-year on-site extension for OPS Windows i5 & i7

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  • Garantie de 3 ans pour les OPS i5 et i7 compatibles avec les écrans interactifs SpeechiTouch et CleverTouch, avec réparation ou remplacement sur site comprenant le montage / démontage.
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    The 3-year on-site warranty extension with assembly/disassembly allows you to guarantee your OPS i5 or i7 for 3 years (from the date of purchase). In the event of a malfunction or material defect, our technicians will come and repair the screen on site or replace it with an equivalent product.

    This warranty also includes the dismantling of the defective screen and then reassembly once the repairs or replacement have been carried out.

    Warranty conditions

    The warranty covers defects arising from a material problem or a manufacturing-related problem. However, limitations and exclusions apply.

    For the precise conditions of the guarantee, refer to the following document: Precise description of the guarantee (PDF) .

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