On-site training for your Clevertouch interactive screen (3h)

On-site training for your Clevertouch interactive screen (3h)

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  • Cette formation approfondie est assurée en présentiel directement dans vos locaux.

    Objectif de la formation : maîtriser toutes les fonctionnalités de l’écran interactif CleverTouch (M, Impact, Impact Plus, UX Pro) et s’approprier les applications et logiciels. En fonction de vos besoins et afin de vous offrir la meilleure expérience possible, vous travaillerez sur des mises en situation pour faciliter le travail d’équipe et la collaboration.

    • Savoir utiliser parfaitement l'écran interactif et connaître les gestes et actions essentiels
    • Optimiser l'utilisation de votre nouvel outil
    • Utiliser et manipuler les applications et logiciels présents sur l'écran interactif
    • Mettre en application avec des cas concrets de votre choix
    • Accéder aux ressources documentaires additionnelles (guides, manuels, tutoriels) pour aller plus loin dans la manipulation de l’écran et de ses outils.

    La formation est d'une durée de 3h et est prévue pour 10 personnes maximum, afin d'en garantir la qualité. Pour toute demande spécifique, veuillez prendre contact directement avec nous.

    *Hors frais de déplacement (voir modalités directement avec notre équipe commerciale).

    Cette formation est également dispensée à distance : formation expert à distance CleverTouch.

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    Program for your expert training for Clevertouch interactive screen

    Our trainer will come to your premises for 3 hours in the presence of your team to present your new tool in detail, and he will be able to answer all your questions. The training is divided into 2 parts: demonstration part and workshop part.

    Presentation and demonstration of the tool (1h30 to 2h)

    1. Turn on and start the interactive screen

    • Know the functions of the buttons located on the front and sides of the screen;
    • Learn how to turn on and start your screen.

    2. Use the screen's Android interface

    • Access the Chrome browser from the home page;
    • Discover the Clever toolbar and its features;
    • Use the Files Explorer and manage your files (download, save and import);
    • Install and adjust any camera connected to the screen;
    • Get started with Whiteboard annotation software;
    • Access the Cleverstore with its integrated applications and the procedure to add new ones;
    • Create a wifi connection point from the screen;
    • Adjust screen settings with the remote control app;
    • Manage your sources and switch between different screen sources to play with different devices.

    3. Use the Windows interface of the screen

    • Take control of the toolbar;
    • Perform the same actions as on any computer;
    • Discover and use the professional software suite (Lynx, Snowflake, JLLM);
    • Personalize your session with your NFC card;
    • Create a quiz with the Je Rlève la Main (JLLM) application, developed by Speechi. Presentation of Teacher & Facilitator features, survey/opinion-taking features, Student & Participant features;
    • Understand the finger/stylus differentiation.

    4. Options and accessories

    • In addition, depending on your equipment and your configuration, collaborative tools, screen sharing or wireless solutions may be presented to you (BYOD, mirroring, digital signage, viewer, etc.).

    Tailor-made interactive workshop (1h to 1h30)

    After presenting you with the different tools and functionalities of the Clevertouch screen, it's time to put them into practice. We set up a simulation workshop for your team by having you test the screen and its applications with concrete cases specific to your organization and your needs.

    • Handling of equipment;
    • Concrete examples that you encounter within your organization and contribution of methods;
    • Test other equipment compatible with your screen.

    This training is also available remotely .

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