Remote discovery training for your Clevertouch interactive screen (30 mins)

Remote discovery training for your Clevertouch interactive screen (30 mins)

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  • Cette formation découverte se fait à distance depuis notre Huddle room.

    Objectif de cette formation : faire une visite guidée de votre écran interactif Clevertouch M, Impact, Impact Plus ou UX Pro pour une prise en main rapide et efficace. 

    • Connaître les gestes et actions essentiels pour interagir avec l'écran
    • Faire un tour d’horizon des applications et logiciels installés sur nos écrans interactifs Clevertouch (tableau blanc, outils collaboratifs, magasin d’applications, etc.)
    • Accéder aux ressources documentaires additionnelles (guides, manuels, tutoriels) pour poursuivre votre découverte de l’écran et de ses outils.

    Durée de la formation : 30 minutes

    Nombre de personnes pouvant assister à la formation : illimité

    Pour aller plus loin, nous proposons aussi une formation avancée sur les écrans interactifs Clevertouch d'une durée d'1h30.

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    Videoconference training from our Huddle room

    Our huddle room in Lille is equipped with all the collaborative equipment necessary to provide quality distance learning:

    • a Full HD 360° camera;
    • quality sound system;
    • a latest generation interactive screen, our training support;
    • a viewer.

    To carry out this training by videoconference, we adapt to your tools: Zoom, Skype, Hangouts, Facebook Messenger or Sofa/Tamashare.

    Clevertouch discovery training program

    1. Turn on and start the interactive screen

    • Know the functions of the buttons located on the front and sides of the screen;
    • Learn how to turn on and start your screen.

    2. Discover the Android interface of the screen with the presentation

    • Options offered by the toolbar combined with the use of Chrome on screen;
    • Whiteboard annotation software;
    • From access to the Files explorer;
    • Setting and using any camera connected to the screen;
    • Cleverstore with its integrated applications and the procedure to add new ones;
    • WiFi sources and connection points from the screen;
    • Access to screen settings with the remote control application.

    3. Discover the Windows interface of the screen with the presentation

    • From the professional software suite (Lynx, Snowflake, JLLM);
    • Access to personalized sessions (NFC).

    4. Options and accessories

    • In addition, depending on your equipment and your configuration, collaborative tools, screen sharing or wireless solutions may be presented to you (BYOD, mirroring, digital signage, viewer, etc.).

    Also discover our 1h30 advanced training on Clevertouch screens.

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