Android interactive touch screen - Clevertouch Impact Plus Gen 2 4K - 86''

Android interactive touch screen - Clevertouch Impact Plus Gen 2 4K - 86''

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  • Écran interactif 86" Clevertouch Impact Plus 2, haute précision zero bonding, résolution UHD 4K, Android 9 (15486IMPACTPLUS2AH)

    L’écran tactile Clevertouch Impact Plus 2e génération 86’’ est un outil très complet, parfait pour les salles de classe. Il se distingue par ses fonctionnalités innovantes qui apportent un meilleur confort d’utilisation et facilitent vos interactions avec l’écran.

    Technologie de l’écran : technologie infrarouge haute précision zero bonding, 20 points de touch, rejet de la paume de la main, différenciation doigt/stylet et stylets différenciés à double reconnaissance.

    Caractéristiques techniques : 64 Go de stockage SSD et 6 Go de RAM, Android 9, deux haut-parleurs 2 x 15W et un subwoofer 15W (virtual surround), connectique variée (HDMI IN, USB type-C avec la charge rapide et un pour la connexion au réseau, etc.) et un slot pour intégrer un OPS PC Windows (i5 ou i7).

    Fonctionnalités innovantes : micros intégrés avec un son exceptionnel, allumage automatique de l’écran par détection de mouvement, mirroring facilité avec l’application Clevershare intégrée, un panel d’applications dédiées à l’éducation, solutions d’affichage dynamique et MDM incluses, menu personnalisable.

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    A powerful Android 9 interactive screen with high precision and zero bonding technology for the classroom

    Very high resolution images

    The interactive screens in the Impact Plus 2 range are all offered with an Android interface in 4K definition (3,840 x 2,160 pixels) and a very high pixel density. This resolution makes it possible to display images of excellent quality, with extreme precision and nuanced color rendering.

    interactive digital screen college
    large interactive android screen

    A powerful Android 9 operating system and an increased processor

    This second generation of Clevertouch Impact Plus interactive screen features Android 9, fast and intuitive, which gives you access to the latest features and optimizations available. Its powerful processor has been pushed (64 GB ROM / 6 GB RAM) to allow you to take full advantage of the latest Cleverstore applications.

    An interactive screen that integrates innovative features

    classroom touch screen

    Create personalized sessions on the screen using the NFC sensor

    An NFC box is available as an option to place under the frame, so that each user with a card can authenticate by simply placing it on the reader and find their personal space with their files, apps, etc. In your school, this allows each teacher to have secure access to the screen and its data.

    interactive screen meeting room

    Automatically turn on the screen in the presence of people

    With its integrated motion detector, the interactive screen gets ahead of you by turning on as soon as a presence is detected to avoid startup time. Conversely, you can set automatic standby to put it to rest and save energy.

    interactive videoconference screen

    A microphone integrated into the interactive screen for your video conferences and distance learning or hybrid classes

    No longer need to rely solely on the microphone of your auxiliary camera, since a network of 6 quality microphones is now integrated directly into the Clevertouch Impact Plus 2 interactive screen, an always essential accessory for all your remote exchanges by videoconference .

    byod touch screen

    An easy Clevershare connection to display your PC screen on the touch screen

    With the integrated Clevershare application, share the screen of any device (smartphone, PC, tablet) on the interactive screen by connecting to the app and entering the code displayed on the menu of your interactive screen. This mirroring tool is very practical for collaboration and collective activities, and allows you to connect up to 50 devices to the screen, including 6 in simultaneous display.

    If you do not want to install an application, opt for the Clevershare USB-C dongle (optional) which will automatically connect with the internal software of the Clevertouch interactive screen.

    interactive classroom screen

    Built-in speakers and subwoofer for an optimal sound experience

    The sound amplitude provided by its two speakers arranged on the front and supplemented by a subwoofer (45W in total) offers very high quality sound for playing your videos and any other media, not insignificant for music fans and to accompany your teachings (music, history, etc.).

    interactive writing comfort screen

    Two differentiated styluses for writing in multiple colors

    The two styluses supplied with the Impact Plus 2 touch screen are each provided with two leads to give them a different color and thickness. The “super cool” styluses also feel comfortable in the hand like a real pencil for easier note-taking and are magnetized so you can always keep them close to the screen.

    High-precision “Zero bonding” technology, down to the millimeter

    In addition to the power of Android 9, the fluidity of writing and interaction on your Impact Plus 2 screen will be even more felt thanks to the “zero bonding” infrared technology which offers you ultra writing comfort. and unrivaled precision. In fact, no more latency between the moment you write and what is displayed on the screen, since the gap between the writing point and the display panel is less than a millimeter.

    high school interactive digital screen
    interactive digital screen school

    Available in several sizes

    The Clevertouch interactive screen from the Impact Plus 2 range is available in different sizes: 55”, 65”, 75” and 86”.

    Like all Clevertouch touch screens, this screen is compatible with all our stands and supports (VESA 800 x 600 mm) and can be easily attached to any wall.

    Software to host presentations and manage screens

    software touch screen annotation

    An educational software suite

    To facilitate the preparation and delivery of your courses, training and meetings, the Clevertouch Impact Plus 2 interactive screen provides you with a software pack:

    • Whiteboard: a whiteboard with all the necessary writing and drawing tools.
    • Lynx: annotation and presentation software for creating slides.
    • Cleverstore: a store for free, ad-free educational applications.
    • Snowflake: software for developing interactive classroom activities.

    In addition, take advantage of the Cloud to work on an interactive screen and save your courses on your personal work space, which you can also link to your NFC profile (optional).

    mdm primary interactive digital screen

    Software to manage a fleet of touch screens

    It also includes two software programs that will serve you throughout your establishment:

    • ClevertouchLive dynamic signage software: create and distribute personalized content on all of your Clevertouch screens and alert via CleverMessage.
    • Remote management software for a fleet of screens (MDM): turn off all the screens in your establishment from a workstation, install apps, make updates, etc.

    Also, the launcher (interface) of your screen is now customizable to customize your screens with the image and colors of your school or organization via the ClevertouchLive application.

    interactive windows screen

    A PC OPS to boost your interactive screen (optional)

    Do you want to have permanent access to a Windows PC from your touch screen without having to plug in yours?

    This is possible with the OPS module ( i5 or i7 , optional) to slide into the slot located in the edge of the touch screen. From your screen, you can switch from the Android interface to the Windows interface thanks to the OPS embedded PC solution to use your touch screen like a giant PC, and vice versa.

    interactive classroom screen

    Complete connectivity to connect all your devices

    The Clevertouch Impact Plus 2 - 86” interactive screen has a large number of ports including:

    • two USB Type-C ports allowing you to charge your devices very quickly and one of which allows you to connect to the network, located on the front of the screen to facilitate your connections.
    • four USB Type-A 3.0 ports that allow rapid data transfer, one of which is located on the front of the screen for better accessibility.
    • three HDMI IN ports, etc. (consult the detailed list of ports on the technical sheet)
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