Android 4K interactive touch screen - Clevertouch Impact Gen 2 - 65''

Android 4K interactive touch screen - Clevertouch Impact Gen 2 - 65''

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  • Écran interactif tactile 65" Clevertouch Impact 2, haute précision, résolution UHD 4K, Android 8 (15465IMPACT2AH)

    L’écran tactile Clevertouch Impact 2e génération 65’’ est un outil facile d’utilisation et complet, idéal pour une utilisation en classe, à la place ou en complément d’un tableau. Son excellent rapport qualité/prix fait de l’écran interactif Impact une technologie haut de gamme accessible aux budgets les plus réduits.

    Technologie de l’écran :technologie infrarouge haute précision, 20 points de touch, rejet de la paume de la main, différenciation doigt/stylet et stylets différenciés.

    Caractéristiques techniques : 32 Go de stockage SSD, 3 Go de RAM, Android 8 / LUX 8, deux haut-parleurs 2 x 15W (virtual surround), réseau de microphones intégrés, connectique variée (HDMI IN, USB Type-C, etc.), slot pour intégrer un PC OPS Windows (i5 ou i7).

    Logiciels inclus : Whiteboard, Lynx, Snowflake, Cleverstore, Clevershare, MDM, affichage dynamique et interface personnalisable.

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  • Warranty : 3 ans retour atelier
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    Clervertouch education interactive screen

    An autonomous touch screen thanks to the Android heart

    Thanks to its integrated Android heart, the interactive screen functions in every way like a touchscreen tablet:

    • Autonomy: the interactive screen is self-sufficient and does not need anything else to be used.
    • Quick start: it only takes a few seconds for it to be ready for use.
    • Excellent user experience: the speed, fluidity and intuitiveness of its interface make it an excellent tool for classes and meetings.

    State-of-the-art technology at the service of the user

    classroom touch screen

    Excellent quality images

    All interactive screens in the Impact 2 range offer 4K, an ultra high definition (UHD) image resolution which provides images of exceptional quality with colors and images rendered in detail.

    interactive screen meeting room

    High-performance Android and a powerful processor

    The 65'' Clevertouch Impact 2 interactive screen has the Android 8 system. Fast and intuitive, it facilitates your interactions with the screen and gives you access to the latest features and optimizations available. The power of its processor - increased on this second generation (32 GB ROM and 3 GB of RAM) - allows you to take full advantage of the latest applications from the Cleverstore store.

    interactive writing comfort screen

    Two styluses for writing in multiple colors

    The two styluses supplied with the Impact 2 touch screen each have two leads to give them a color and differentiate between users if you involve several people on the screen.

    interactive flipchart screen

    An OPS PC computer embedded in the screen (optional)

    Do you want to have permanent access to a Windows PC from your touch screen without having to plug in yours? This is possible with the OPS module ( i5 or i7 , optional) to slide into the slot located in the edge of the touch screen. From your screen, you can switch from the integrated Windows PC to the embedded Android and vice versa.

    Varied connectivity: numerous ports to connect all your devices

    The Clevertouch Impact 2 interactive screen has around twenty ports, including:

    • a USB-C port to plug in any device and capable of fast charging
    • three USB-A 3.0 ports that enable fast data transfer
    • three HDMI IN ports
    • etc. (consult the detailed list of ports on the technical sheet)
    interactive collaboration screen
    4K interactive screen

    Available in several sizes

    The Clevertouch interactive screen from the Impact 2 range is available in 3 sizes: 65", 75", 86".

    • the Clevertouch Impact 2 - 65" interactive touch screen for small rooms (classroom or meeting, etc.)
    • the Clevertouch Impact 2 - 75" interactive touch screen for all room sizes
    • the Clevertouch Impact 2 - 86'' interactive touch screen for large classrooms and meeting rooms.

    Like all Clevertouch touch screens, this screen is compatible with all our stands and supports (VESA 600 x 400 mm) and can be easily attached to any wall.

    A software suite to run classes and manage screens

    software touch screen annotation

    An educational software suite

    The Clevertouch Impact 2 interactive screen includes a software suite to facilitate the preparation and delivery of your lessons:

    • Whiteboard: a whiteboard equipped with all the necessary writing and drawing tools.
    • Lynx: annotation and presentation software to create as many slides as you want.
    • Cleverstore: a store for free, ad-free educational applications.
    • Snowflake: software for creating interactive classroom activities.

    In addition, take advantage of the Clevershare mirroring application to share your content on an interactive screen, as well as the Cloud to save your work on your personal space and collaborate better.

    mdm primary interactive digital screen

    Touch screen management software

    The Impact 2 interactive touch screen also includes two software programs that will serve you throughout an establishment:

    • The dynamic display software, ClevertouchLive, to create, personalize and broadcast messages on all Clevertouch screens.
    • Remote management software for a fleet of screens (MDM), to turn off all screens from a workstation, install applications, make updates, etc.
    • Customizable menu software to customize your screens to reflect your school or organization.
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