CM Series 4K dynamic display screen - 86"

CM Series 4K dynamic display screen - 86"

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  • L'écran CM Series 86'' est un écran d'affichage dynamique professionnel. Non tactile, cet écran vous permet de diffuser vos messages et alertes via l'application CleverMessage et la plateforme ClevertouchLive à des fins publicitaires ou d'information.

    Ses points forts :

    • une résolution Ultra HD 4K
    • une technologie Android
    • positionnable en mode paysage ou portrait
    • planification de l'allumage et de l'extinction de l'écran
    • une connectivité adaptée à l'affichage sans fil
    • une luminosité qui rend les couleurs de vos images éclatantes
  • Help and warranty

  • Warranty : 3 ans
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    Energize your spaces with an innovative display system

    Thanks to the CM Series display screen, bring your content to life and draw your audience's attention to the information you are broadcasting for a guaranteed professional result.

    Quality visual performance

    Its Ultra HD 4K image resolution and studied brightness make it a powerful display and broadcast tool that will highlight all your images and messages.

    A simple and effective tool for distributing your messages

    Broadcast your messages quickly and efficiently on all of your CM Series screens using the CleverMessage application which connects your screens to the ClevertouchLive Cloud dynamic signage platform.

    Broadcast any type of content on your screen - still images, videos, text - simply thanks to the advanced controls and features offered by the ClevertouchLive platform to welcome, inform or alert your audience.

    The advantages of the CM Series display screen

    The CM Series screen has several advantages that make it easier to use:

    • Display your content on the screen without having to plug your device into it thanks to connectivity suitable for wireless display.
    • Schedule the screen to automatically turn on and off.
    • Install various applications using its Android technology.

    One display screen, several uses

    The 43'' CM Series dynamic display screen is suitable for a number of uses depending on your sector of activity. Businesses, schools, healthcare establishments, hotels, institutions, public places or even leisure spaces... so many sectors which can beneficially exploit its multiple functionalities to inform, alert, promote, etc.

    In a school context

    By placing display screens in busy areas of your establishment, keep students and teachers informed of the latest school news, exam dates, upcoming events and even daily specials served at home. canteen... without having to print a single sheet.

    In company

    Inform your teams of the company's results in real time or of future events that will take place within it.

    In hotels and restaurants

    The CM Series dynamic display screen can be very useful if the dishes offered on the menu often change depending on arrivals and the seasons. In addition to saving you the printing of menu cards and the time that this involves, you save the time wasted disinfecting cards that pass from hand to hand.

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