75'' Android SpeechiDisplay UHD display screen

75'' Android SpeechiDisplay UHD display screen

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  • Résolution Ultra Haute Définition 4K
  • Cœur Android puissant 8
  • Player intégré
  • Mode portrait ou paysage
  • Mirroring intégré
  • Help and warranty

    The SpeechiDisplay screen: a simple and powerful communication tool

    Keeping your audience informed with dynamic, quality communications is easy with the SpeechiDisplay screen whose home page offers you:

    • a player to launch and play your videos and image slideshows
    • a Finder where you can store all your communication files locally (16 GB of storage)
    • the Screenshare application to very simply share the screen of your device (smartphone, tablet, PC) on the display screen
    • a settings panel

    Our dynamic display screen integrates very easily into your environment. Distribute your images and videos using, for example, a USB key.

    An impeccable display in all circumstances

    To avoid any visual discomfort linked to a reflection, the display screen is equipped with an anti-reflective panel to allow you to place the screen wherever you want in the most appropriate place (in the window). , in front of a window, etc.).

    Likewise, the brightness of the SpeechiDisplay display screen is deliberately set at 450cd/m² to ensure a quality display at all times, even if the ambient brightness fluctuates during the day.

    An Android core: smooth images and operating power

    The SpeechiDisplay display screen features an Android 8.0 core which provides:

    • image fluidity and avoids any latency phenomenon
    • lots of practical features, such as installing applications or even simplified mirroring with the ScreenShare application integrated into the screen to broadcast the screen of your PC, tablet or smartphone onto the display screen.

    A robust display screen built to last

    Made up of an LCD panel with LED lighting, the SpeechiDisplay display screen allows you to broadcast your content 10 hours a day, 6 days a week for a minimum of 10 years.

    A display screen in harmony with your space

    In addition to being a powerful and practical communication tool, it sports a refined style with ultra-thin borders which allow the screen itself to occupy 96% of the surface. Depending on the desired effect and the intended objective, you can orient the display screen in portrait or landscape mode.

    Use cases

    All sectors of activity will be able to take advantage of the SpeechiDisplay display screen to improve their communication and reach their target more easily. Here are some possible use cases for the SpeechiDisplay display screen.

    In educational establishments

    Schools, colleges, high schools and faculties will be able to quickly and efficiently inform students and teachers of exam dates, registration deadlines, cultural news, canteen menus, etc.

    In ready-to-wear stores

    With the SpeechiDisplay display screen, inform your customers of current promotions, highlight the pieces in your collection, give an overview of the collection worn, give ideas for outfits and pieces to combine.

    In healthcare establishments

    With a SpeechiDisplay display screen placed in the waiting room, inform your patients of opening and closing times, current vaccination campaigns, give advice, raise awareness, dispel preconceived ideas or even make young children wait .

    In museums

    Inform visitors of upcoming exhibitions, guided tour schedules, focus on certain works in your collection, etc.

    In institutions

    The SpeechiDisplay display screen can help you direct the audience to the right people, remind you of steps and procedures, answer the most recurring questions, etc.

    In banks and insurance companies

    With the SpeechiDisplay display screen, remind customers of the correct steps to follow, give more visibility to your offers, give advice, etc.

    Manage your content remotely with WiFi option

    By plugging a WiFi dongle into the screen, you can remotely manage the content displayed on the screen via the system of your choice. The screen's Android technology ensures maximum compatibility with any solution of your choice.

    A screen that can be transformed into a PC

    If you want to make this screen more than a display medium and work on it, every SpeechiDisplay screen has a slot where you can insert a Windows PC in the form of an OPS module ( i5 or i7 optional). From your dynamic display screen, you will be able to switch from the Windows PC to the embedded Android 8 and vice versa.

    With the Windows system, you find your computer's environment and software on an enlarged projection surface.

    The wide connectivity allows easy connection (HDMI IN, Display Port IN, VGA IN, etc.) and allows the screens to be connected together (HDMI OUT).

    Technical Specifications


    • Screen Diagonal : 75
    • Screen Technology : DLED
    • Display Ratio : 16:9
    • Contrast Ratio : 5000:1
    • VESA Size (mm x mm) : 400×200mm
    • OPS PC : En option
    • Brightness : 450cd/m²


    • HDMI 2.0 : 2
    • HDMI Output : 1
    • USB 2.0 : 2
    • USB 3.0 : 1
    • Audio Input : 1
    • Audio Output : 1
    • SPDIF Digital Audio Output : 1
    • VGA : 1
    • WiFi : En option


    • Response Time : 6,5ms
    • Speakers : 2x12W
    • Internal SSD/HDD ROM : 16GB
    • RAM : 3GB
    • CPU : ARM 2*A73+2*A53 1.1GHz Quad Core
    • GPU : G51 Dual Core

    Dimensions and Weight

    • Product Dimensions : 1674×957×72mm
    • Net Weight without Packaging : 29kg
    • Weight with Packaging : 41.70kg

    Comfort & Ergonomics

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