Wireless HDMI Transmitter with Coin Coin Mini 4K Receiver

Wireless HDMI Transmitter with Coin Coin Mini 4K Receiver

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  • Résolution 4K
  • Plug & Play
  • 4 écrans simultanés
  • Compatible avec tous les systèmes
  • Multi-devices
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  • Warranty : 2 ans retour atelier
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    The Coin Coin 4K Mini: simply transmit the image from your PC or smartphone to your interactive screen

    A Wi-Fi wireless box for presenting without cables and projecting up to 4 devices

    Developed by Speechi, this box (mini, as its name suggests) allows you to collaborate effectively and save considerable time when setting up meetings. Plug the receiver into your interactive screen and the transmitter into the device of your choice to simply project your content.

    No need to install any software or application beforehand, the connection will be done in less than 17 seconds. It is a plug & play collaborative tool.

    Your images will be transmitted fluidly and responsively while enjoying 4K resolution (ultra high definition).

    Universal, the Coin Coin 4K Mini box is equipped with the most commonly installed connectors: USB and HDMI.

    The Coin Coin 4K Mini box includes a receiver (to plug into your interactive screen) as well as a transmitter. The transmitter is also sold individually since you can broadcast up to 4 different transmitters on your digital screen.

    The Coin Coin Mini interactive screen and mirroring box: a winning duo for effective meetings

    By using an interactive screen to stream your content through the Coin Coin Mini wireless box, you'll be able to retain what we call "Touch Function." That is to say, you will be able to take control of the content broadcast (change slides, display the next image, navigate the website, etc. directly on the interactive screen).

    This Touch functionality is directly compatible when the image is sent from a PC but can also be offered from a Mac provided a drive is used. To activate touch on your interactive screen, simply plug in a USB type B cable connecting the receiver to the screen (this cable is not supplied).

    We regularly combine our SpeechiTouch interactive screens with BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) solutions such as the Coin Coin Mini wireless mirror box. These product synergies are appreciated by professionals in all sectors to increase productivity.

    How to quickly connect your Coin Coin Mini mirror box to your digital screen?

    Connect your PC (Windows or Mac) to your interactive screen

    • Connect the Coin Coin receiver to the interactive screen via HDMI and USB
    • Then connect the transmitter to your computer via HDMI and USB
    • Press the mirror “caster” button to allow the receiver and transmitter to pair
    • That's it, the image of your PC is projected on the interactive screen, you can control everything from the interactive screen using touch!

    Connect your mobile device (tablet or phone, Android or iOS) to your interactive screen

    • Connect the Coin Coin receiver to the interactive screen via HDMI
    • Connect the transmitter to your mobile device (phone or tablet) via USB and plug in power via the second USB port
    • Make sure the devices (transmitter and receiver) are connected to the same network
    • With iOS, press the “cast” mirror button, your screen image is displayed on the interactive screen, you control from your iOS phone or tablet.
    • With Android, connect via developer mode by enabling USB debugging to cast content to the interactive display.

    If you want to connect other transmitters to broadcast up to 4 contents simultaneously, you will need to proceed in exactly the same way.

    To remember :

    The Coin Coin Mini wireless mirror box allows you to project your content (images, videos, files, etc.) on an interactive screen in ultra HD from any device: computer, smartphone, tablet.

    • Connect up to 4 devices simultaneously for screen sharing on the same interactive screen.
    • Plug and Play, connect your transmitter to your device without the need to install software first.
    • Compatible with all SpeechiTouch interactive displays.
    • 4K resolution obtained with responsiveness and without latency during image transmission.

    Technical Specifications


    • Compatible Operating Systems : Windows, MacOS, Android, iOS
    • Dimension : Récepteur (120 x 80 x 25 mm (hors antenne)), Transmetteur (61 x 61 x 23 mm)
    • Power Supply : Récepteur (5V, 2A via adaptateurs fournis), Emetteur (5V, 0,9A via USB inclus)

    Technical Specifications

    • Number of Simultaneous Connections : 4 écrans simultanés
    • WiFi : 802.11ac, 5GHz
    • Refresh Rate : 30Hz (4K), 60Hz (1080p)
    • Output Resolution : 4K (3840 x 2160), Full HD (1920 x 1080), HD (1280 x 720)

    Included Accessories

    • Included Accessories : 1 Coin Coin récepteur, 1 Coin Coin émetteur, 1 câble HDMI/HDMI (1m), 2 câbles HDMI/HDMI (15cm), 1 adaptateur 230/5V, 1 câble d'alimentation (pour boîtier récepteur)
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