Smart Video Conferencing Bar with Integrated 4K Audio and Video SPE-VA460

Smart Video Conferencing Bar with Integrated 4K Audio and Video SPE-VA460

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  • Caméra 4K ePTZ avec grand angle de 120°
  • Cadrage automatique des participants et suivi vocal en temps réel
  • 6 micros avec captation jusqu'à 6 mètres
  • Haut-parleurs 2x10w
  • Connexion plug & play
  • Help and warranty

    All-in-one: a videoconferencing bar integrating camera, microphone and speaker

    The Speechi SPE-VA460 video conference bar features a compact design, crystal clear sound and excellent video quality.

    An intelligent videoconferencing kit thanks to AI

    Incorporating several intelligent framing technologies (via AI) such as facial detection, sound positioning and voice tracking, the SPE-VA460 video conference bar automatically frames participants and adjusts the image capture area to present the best view to participants. remote participants.

    Complete and easy to install, a perfect videoconferencing bar for small and medium-sized rooms

    Plug & Play, this USB camera easily connects to any videoconferencing equipment (such as an interactive screen). The SPE-VA460 video conference bar is compatible with Windows7, Windows 10, Mac OS 10.10 and other operating systems.

    The SPE-VA460 video conferencing kit is interoperable with the most popular cloud video platforms, including but not limited to the following: Microsoft Teams, Skype for Business, Zoom Room and Zoom, Ding Talk, Huawei WeLink , etc.

    You can also connect via Bluetooth (Bluetooth 5.0) with any device, such as a smartphone to use the speakers and microphones.

    4K images for perfect videoconferencing

    In some videoconferencing kits on the market, the quality of the camera has fallen by the wayside. This is not the case for the SPE-VA460 video conference bar camera.

    A high-quality image sensor and a 120° angle so you don't miss anything

    Thanks to a high-quality CMOS image sensor (8 million pixels), the videoconferencing bar camera offers 4K resolution.

    The SPE-VA460's clear and realistic ultra-high definition videos vividly show participants' expressions and actions.

    The SPE-VA460 video conferencing bar camera features a super wide 120° viewing angle and a distortion-free lens to easily cover all participants in the meeting room or classroom.

    Automatic framing thanks to an intelligent algorithm

    The built-in facial detection algorithm automatically detects participants and provides ideal framing and viewing.

    10x digital zoom adapts to what's happening in your meeting room during your video conference without the meeting moderator/host having to worry about what remote participants are seeing.

    A videoconferencing bar with great audio performance

    Bad sound is one of the main obstacles to quality videoconferencing. To prevent anyone from being reluctant to follow a videoconference meeting, opt for the SPE-VA460 videoconference bar.

    An array of 6 microphones to capture sound 6 meters away

    The audio processing algorithm adopts 48K high-fidelity audio sampling rate, lossless audio transmission technology.

    Your colleagues can sit comfortably in the meeting room without needing to all stick to the microphone: the microphone array integrated into the SPE-VA460 videoconferencing bar is capable of picking up voices up to 6 meters away. This is extremely practical if the videoconferencing bar is installed under an interactive screen in the center of the room.

    The integrated network of 6 microphones also provides voice tracking and real-time monitoring for each speaker.

    Two speakers to broadcast sound throughout the room

    Remote collaborators will also be heard by all speakers present in the meeting room.

    Thanks to the two 10W speakers each, no one will miss important information.

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