ELMO PX-30E Visualizer

ELMO PX-30E Visualizer

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  • Résolution 4K (3840 x 2160 pixels)
  • Capteur CMOS 12 mégapixels
  • Zoom optique x12, numérique x12, capteur x2
  • Connexion USB 3.0
  • Logiciels Image Mate et Elmo Interactive Toolbox
  • Lampe et port pour micro intégrés
  • Surface de capture : 431mm x 321mm
  • Ecran tactile de prévisualisation 5"
  • Surface d'annotation effaçable
  • Help and warranty

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    The ELMO PX-30E viewer is the most advanced viewer ever designed by the Japanese company ELMO

    Primarily designed for use in meeting rooms and auditoriums equipped with high-end tools, the ELMO PX-30E visualizer is the best in terms of visualizers.

    The ELMO PX-30E viewer's camera features cutting-edge technology and delivers an incomparably sharp 4K image . Image fluidity goes up to 60 frames per second at 1080p.

    This image quality is associated with a high zoom factor : the optical zoom, digital zoom and associated sensor allow a total magnification of 288x.

    Like any viewer in the ELMO range, the PX-30E viewer allows naturally intuitive use . It has an integrated touch screen control panel .

    Discover the ELMO PX-30E viewer, the ultimate high-end viewer.

    Exceptional image quality

    4K resolution that does justice to your presentations

    The ELMO PX-30E viewer offers a camera allowing 4K display . So, if you use, for example, an interactive touch screen in addition, the 4K camera of the ELMO PX-30E viewer will provide a display of exceptional quality.

    The PX-30E's cutting-edge camera technology delivers smooth up to 60 frames per second at 1080p. This fluidity allows you to comfortably view moving objects, for example.

    A zoom that allows you to view the tiniest details

    The excellent zoom of the ELMO PX-30E viewer is an achievement. The total zoom of x288 is made possible by x12 optical zoom, x12 digital zoom and x2 sensor.

    Coupled with the 4K camera, this zoom allows you to review the smallest details of the objects studied.

    Optimal lighting for flawless display

    The LED light of the ELMO PX-30E viewer is attached to the viewer arm. This is an effective way to avoid reflections induced by lights , particularly on smooth surfaces such as flat documents.

    The lighting is therefore ideal for comfortable reading of documents.

    Simplified and intuitive use

    A quick update

    Focusing the display of the ELMO PX-30E viewer is done quickly, directly on the viewer head. No complicated commands, the gesture is completely intuitive .

    The sharpness of the image is thus quick to obtain. Focusing on details is easy to achieve.

    A touchscreen preview at the base

    A touch screen is integrated into the base of the ELMO PX-30E viewer. In addition to the possibility of directly controlling the viewer's gestures, this 5" touch screen allows you to preview the image at any time .

    In addition to the touch screen, for greater mobility, the ELMO PX-30E viewer is equipped with a remote control .

    A white erasable surface for annotating

    In a completely new way, the ELMO PX-30E viewer has an erasable writing surface on its base. This allows you to take notes without having to use paper.

    A robust, fully foldable viewer

    Foldable and transportable visualizers can sometimes be less powerful or more fragile. This is not the case with the ELMO PX-30E viewer.

    In order to be stored without difficulty , the PX-30E viewer has an arm and a head that can be completely folded onto the base. This can be done daily.

    Efficient connectivity and compatibility

    A set of sources for all uses

    Like the ELMO L-12iD and PX-10E visualizers, the PX-30E model has a powerful set of connections . Its image can be played via HDMI and VGA .

    Thanks to the USB 3.0 port , the image can be transmitted live to a computer.

    HDBaseT output for long distance transfer

    HDBaseT is a multi-format transmission protocol over Category 5 network cable.

    With the ELMO PX-30E viewer, the UHD signal can travel over great lengths without risk of interference .

    Simplified photo and video recording

    Saving in JPEG and MP4 formats is very quick: just click on the appropriate button. Recordings can be saved on a USB key or SD card .

    It is also possible to save them temporarily in the internal memory of the viewer.

    Technical Specifications


    • USB Connection : USB 3.0
    • Product Dimensions : Déplié : 297 x 482 x 478 mm ; Plié : 297 x 482 x 133 mm
    • Capture Surface : 431mm x 321mm

    Technical Specifications

    • Camera Resolution : 4K UHD
    • Focus : Autofocus ou focus manuel
    • Optical Zoom : x12
    • Digital Zoom : x12
    • Sensor Zoom : x2
    • Image Frequency : 30fps en 4k
    • Image Rotation : 0 / 180°

    Physical Characteristics

    • Sensor : CMOS de 12 mégapixels
    • LED Lamps : Oui (déportée)
    • USB/SD Card Reader : Oui
    • SD Card Port : Oui
    • Power Supply : via adaptateur secteur fournis (12V DC)
    • Included Accessories : Adaptateur secteur, câble USB, télécommande, surface effaçable de prise de notes
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