Arduino National Education robotics kit - primary school

Arduino National Education robotics kit - primary school

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The Arduino National Education robotics kit - primary school is a turnkey educational kit to introduce students aged 6-9 to programming and robotics, in accordance with school programs.

This robotics programming learning kit has been designed to:

  • acquire logical thinking in programming languages ​​through a programming environment adapted to children's ages.
  • acquire the basics of mechanics used in robotics.

A robotics kit suitable for schools

The National Education Arduino robotics kit - primary school has been designed and designed to be handled repetitively by students. With this kit, no screws are needed, you just need to fit the elements together for quick and easy-to-assemble robots!

Programming software for all levels

Program your robots from the Education robotics kit using two free and open source programming environments, based on the open source Scratch software. Choose the programming environment adapted to the level of your students:

  • Programming by icons, for the little ones.
  • Scratch for Studuino, for middle school students.

Freely accessible student and teacher manuals

All the manuals for students and teachers designed from this educational kit are available with open access .

Three manuals to get started with programming

Each manual focuses on one robot and consists of two one-hour lessons. The student builds his robot, programs it using the “Icon Programming” software and carries out a mission.

The manuals cover the following topics:

  • Manual 1: Create and Run a 1-Engine Car
  • Manual 2: Create, Drive and Run a 2-Motor Car
  • Manual 3: program sounds and lights

Three manuals to discover robotics

Each manual includes two one-hour lessons and focuses on the discovery of a mechanical principle applied through the construction of two robots.

  • Manual 1: wheels (robot 1: car, robot 2: bike)
  • Manual 2: gears (robot 1: block catcher, robot 2: spinning top launcher)
  • Manual 3: camshafts (robot 1: bird robot, robot 2: bowling game)
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