Smart Full HD video conferencing camera with auto-tracking SPE-UV100T

Smart Full HD video conferencing camera with auto-tracking SPE-UV100T

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  • Caméra 4K grand angle 120°
  • Grand zoom optique x12 et numérique x10
  • Cadrage automatique des participants
  • Suivi de l’orateur en temps réel
  • Réduction du bruit numérique 2D et 3D
  • Mise au point automatique
  • Help and warranty

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    For secure Full HD video conferences

    Discover the SPE-UV100T videoconferencing camera: a camera with automatic framing (“auto-tracking”) perfect for remote meetings and courses.

    This intelligent framing videoconferencing camera (more commonly called "autotracking") is characterized by a high-speed processor coupled with an advanced tracking algorithm.

    Freely install your SPE-UV100T video conference camera on a flat surface or at a height.

    12x and 10x zoom options coupled with a wide viewing angle

    People (students, employees, customers, training participants, etc.) who are remote will not miss any details of the course or meeting.

    12x optical zoom and 10x digital zoom options are available. The lens also has a wide viewing angle (72.5°) without any distortion.

    The zoom adapts according to the distance from the target (in the case of automatic speaker tracking) while maintaining the appropriate size and scale.

    A perfect image combining high definition and balanced brightness

    The camera image and auto-tracking quality are not affected by room architecture.

    The SPE-UV100T camera produces vivid images with room-appropriate brightness (even if the person being followed by the camera is under spotlights) as well as distinct layering and color reducibility.

    A smart camera that follows you silently

    The SPE-UV100T Full HD video conferencing camera is designed to deliver smart, high-tech features while promising reliable operation, simple operation and easy maintenance.

    A sophisticated tracking algorithm

    The algorithm of the Speechi UV100T video conferencing camera detects the target, locks on it and tracks it. Its intelligent analysis (intelligent image recognition library, scene adaptive algorithm) enables stable, fast and precise tracking.

    This algorithm specific to high-end Speechi videoconferencing cameras offers high immunity to interference. Through the various and flexible settings of your SPE-UV100T HD camera, ensure that your target tracking is locked and not hindered by other moving objects.

    A super quiet stepper motor

    No one will be bothered by the videoconferencing camera running: neither users located in the same room, even those at a distance.

    Although the camera's auto-tracking follows the speaker fluidly, its rotations are silent thanks to the motor controller.

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